3 tips to make a personalized gift.

Opting for this type of present at Christmas is ideal to differentiate ourselves and to make a good impression on the other person.

Christmas is coming, a moment of peace, calm, rest and family, but also a real madness, since it is time to choose the gifts that we are going to give to our loved ones. Perfumes and clothes are usually the typical gift that many give away, mainly so they don't have to think about anything else, just buy it and that's it. However, Christmas gifts should not be presents that are given to give and look good, but gifts that really have to do with the person, with our relationship with them and above all with their tastes. For this reason, personalized gifts have become more and more frequent for years, whether they are mugs, t-shirts, cushions, sweatshirts, bottles, paintings, puzzles or even mouse pads. These types of details make a good impression on the people who receive them, as they realize that we have taken care to give them something that really fits their needs and their personality. You can make a personalized gift with us and benefit from the INTERNAV20 20% discount coupon on any of our personalized products to give your pocket a break. However, choosing a personalized gift or making it is not exactly an easy task, so here are some tips that you can follow beforehand if you want to get the best present this Christmas. Take note!

1. Consider their hobbies

This advice is essential when choosing a personal gift for someone, since the tastes and hobbies of the recipient can give us clues as to what will make them more excited or with what they can identify more. For example, ask yourself several questions: does he like movies or music? What are his favorite drinks? Does he have an idol? What about his food? What kind of clothes does he like best? Travel? Are you passionate about videogames?, etc. By answering these questions, you will be able to identify if, for example, it is better to give him a music CD, a DVD movie, perhaps buy him a thermos to bring coffee, or why not, a discount voucher in a restaurant to enjoy a luxurious food that satisfies your palate. It is about thinking about what is going to make you more excited and is going to bring you a moment of extreme happiness.

2. Ask about your needs

Another key to getting the gift right is to give something that meets the needs of the person or their requests, that is, something useful and that they need or something that they have wanted for a long time. For this reason, we recommend that you ask the person you want to give what they need or what they would like to buy if they could. Obviously, the ability to disguise enters with great value here, that is, it is about receiving this information, but without noticing that it is because we are going to make a gift to that person. Something very common is to start by talking about oneself, for example, I'm looking forward to buying the latest album by x, and you?, so the other person will be forced to answer us without this meaning that we are going to buy them a gift. For this advice, observation is also very important, that is, being aware of what the person says and their interests, at any time they can mention a possible gift, and we have to be attentive to identify it and be able to give it to them.

3. Think about his personality

Personality is the third leading axis of this type of gift, since if we know the other person very well and especially their way of being, we will have enough clues to give them a gift that they will never forget. It is about giving him a gift that sends him a clear message, you know and value his unique qualities and therefore his own identity. Notice if he is romantic, conceited, adventurous, athlete, environmentalist, innovative, spiritual, intellectual, etc. Based on this, write down on a piece of paper all his unique traits and think about which gift would best fit how he is. Something to enjoy in solitude or perhaps you prefer a gift that you can enjoy in company?

We hope these little tips have helped you choose the best gift for that person, don't forget that giving at Christmas is sending a personal message, not spending on something material out of commitment, so give by personalizing it.

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